Blackjack strategy

Blackjack is a simple game to start playing but a somewhat difficult one to master. If you are looking to beat the game consistently and become the best player you could possibly be, this guide is a great place to start. The strategies for blackjack you will find in this guide will help you understand all the intricacies of the game and the blackjack cheat sheet you will find here will become your best friend at the tables.

While there are many different strategies for blackjack, they all depend on the basic blackjack hit stay chart which was made based on mathematical calculations and the odds of each potential situation. Playing the blackjack perfect strategy means never deviating from the basic strategy chart which is the starting point for every game plan.

Without further ado, here is the blackjack simple strategy chart which will help you make your game as perfect as possible:

Blackjack Strategy: How to Beat Blackjack

The blackjack hand chart you see above is the most basic of all. This chart tells you exactly what to do in every situation you can find yourself in while playing. The left column is the value of your hand, while the top row shows the dealer’s up card. Once you cross reference the two, the chart gives you the exact play to make. The chart above was made for all variations and regardless of how many decks in blackjack game you are playing, the chart will apply. The only time this blackjack simple strategy guide is not applicable is when you are counting cards, in which case additional rules may apply.

The blackjack hit chart shown above is all you need to play the finest blackjack winning strategy that does not include counting cards. When it comes to online versions, this is the most advanced strategy to date and it is based entirely on mathematics and odds of the game itself.

While most novice players believe there is no set play to make in any situation, the pros know better. The blackjack odds chart indicates that only one strategy is correct and the chart we have given you tells you exactly when to hit and when not to hit in blackjack, when to double down and when to split your cards. Start cramming the chart now or simply have it by while you are playing and your game will see an incredible improvement, guaranteed!

Strategies for Blackjack in Different Deck Variations

Like all casino titles, the basic game of 21 has evolved over the years and many new versions were invented. Initially, the game was played with as single deck, but as card counting strategies for blackjack were invented, casinos introduced 2-deck, 4-deck, and multi deck versions of the game.

The initial single deck blackjack strategy which applied to the early game applies for the most part for the versions with a deeper shoe. For instance, 2 deck strategy and 8 deck strategy are very similar as without counting the cards players have no way to adapt their strategy. Thus the same strategy and the same cheat sheet can be applied to all versions.

Over the years, some versions of 4 deck blackjack strategy and the strategy for 6 deck version of the game were invented, adding slight deviations to the original blackjack cheat sheets. However, playing the same strategy regardless of the number of decks will surely not harm you too much as double deck blackjack odds and those of the 8 deck game are pretty much the same.

Switching the Game Plan in Blackjack Switch

While we did say that the basic chart can be applied for blackjack games regardless of the depth of the shoe in play, different versions of the game do merit some change in optimal gameplay. The most obvious example is blackjack switch, which allows players to play two hands at once and switch cards between the two hands.

In the switch version, players are allowed to use a card from one hand in their other hand. This is traded off for 21 paying out at even money and dealer’s 22 drawing with all non-busted hands and losing only to a 21. Thanks to the differences in blackjack switch odds, a different plan must be applied for this game, and you can find this chart right here:

Switching the Game Plan in Blackjack Switch

How to Count Cards in Blackjack: A Basic Guide

Blackjack card counting is a strategy that was invented by live casino players in order to bring down the edge and give themselves an advantage. The method was successfully used in Las Vegas casinos on some recorded and probably many other unrecorded instances and it is completely based on mathematics which is why it works.

If you are wondering what is card counting in blackjack, the answer is very simple. By counting the number of high and low cards that were already dealt, the counters are able to determine when the remaining shoe is stacked with many pictures and aces, which gives them an advantage over the house.

The basic card counting strategy is very simple. Every time a picture card or an ace is dealt out on the table, the player counts -1 in his head. Every time a 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 is dealt, the player counts + 1. When a 7, 8 or 9 is dealt, the player counts 0.

Once you learn how to count cards, it is important to understand how to apply this count. Additional charts are out there for card counters which tell you how to adjust your play based on your running count.

A thing to note is that today most casinos use multiple decks of cards when dealing the game. However, if you learn how to count blackjack cards simple way, you can adjust for multiple decks by dividing your running count with the number of decks and coming up with a “true count” which can still be applied when multiple decks are in play. Additional blackjack counting systems exist that create even more accurate counts, but the basic blackjack card counting system should be enough to beat the house, especially if the staff in the casino are not very careful.


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